How to Travel Around the World on a Low Budget

Everybody wants to travel and loves to do it. And for many people, the ability to travel the globe is a reality. However, everyone shares the same travesty: they don’t have the money for such an expensive trip. They ultimately had to change their travel plans because of this. Who says you can’t take a cheap trip around the world? You can, of course. Just a few minor adjustments to your schedule and plans would be necessary for it to succeed. After that, you can simply travel anywhere in the world.


Finding the ideal place to live that is not at all expensive and completely comfortable should be your top priority if you want to save money. Therefore, attempt to substitute workaways or hostels for hotels when you travel. Workaways are typically places where individuals can work for small enterprises or other families in exchange for receiving free lodging and food.

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Try couchsurfing as another fantastic option to reduce your lodging costs. And if this makes you uncomfortable, you could always just stay in a huge dorm room at a hostel. Even more excitingly, you might even share your space with a native. In addition to being a wonderful method to cut costs on lodging, camping is also a lot of fun and offers lots of adventure.

Flight Ticket

When purchasing a round-the-world ticket through an airline alliance, it is obviously simpler to travel than when purchasing separate tickets for each destination. You may save a ton of money in this way.

If you really want to go, there are a ton of different ways to get free flights in addition to this. You might easily travel for free if you simply apply for a couple travel credit cards, which would allow you to earn miles. The majority of these are for incredible places like Central America, Europe, Australia, and Scandinavia.

Consume Fast Food

We all know that there is a small portion of the population that like street cuisine, so why try to eat pricey foods from high-end restaurants when you might simply get by with the street foods? Your budget is largely made up of food, therefore cutting back on it would be quite beneficial for you.

So the best course of action is to speak with the inhabitants there and discover more about their traditions, customs, and local cuisine. Find out what the must-try items are, and then try all the traditional street fare.

Discontinue your phone plan.

Since you require a sim card for each trip, using one while traveling abroad is both expensive and challenging. Therefore, it is preferable to connect to the people at home using a hotspot or wifi in a café. You really don’t need to spend a lot of money on additional sim cards because Facebook and WhatsApp have included call and video chat functions.

Install budgeting apps

You must keep track of every expense, regardless of how strange it may sound. Even the tiniest expenses, like purchasing a subway ticket, can be tracked with the aid of budgeting applications. Please believe us when we say that all of those subway tickets and trinkets add up.

Even though you may not be spending much on large purchases, making numerous small purchases might still be very costly.

Commute by public transportation

In addition to being more affordable, taking public transportation is the best way to get to know a city. Taxis are particularly pricey; a less expensive option could be to rent a car for a few days. This makes it simple for you to travel at your own pace and is also a lot more enjoyable. You may find plenty of them if you simply try to look for the greatest automobile rental offers. Additionally, if you enjoy riding bikes, you can rent one and tour the city on it.

Attempt taking the bus or hitchhiking with others. Create a tourism card that will provide you amazing savings, free admission to popular attractions and museums, and access to public transportation. You should definitely get passes like the Paris Museum card or the London Pass, for example.

Drinks, particularly water!

Drinks should only be ordered in locations with significant discounts. You might easily consume wine and beer because alcohol is not particularly expensive in some nations. If you’re with a big group, make sure to divide up all of these costs equally.

Since buying water in plastic bottles can be rather expensive, you might want to try drinking from the faucet. Using a Steripen to filter water everywhere you go is a brilliant hack. In such case, you would only need to make one investment rather than continually purchasing such expensive bottles.

First, make a destination plan.

Plan your budget first, then your trip. A tight budget might translate into fewer months in places like Europe but possibly longer time in South America. And it is undoubtedly significantly less expensive to travel to India. Therefore, it’s crucial to arrange your trip dates, and it’s suggested that you go during the off-season to significantly reduce your travel and living expenses.

As a result, organizing a trip on a budget only requires a little work. Instead of spending a lot of money at clubs, which you could do everywhere, consider hiking more, visiting free museums, walking more, and trying to explore the area. One of the finest ways to earn some additional money to travel is to teach English abroad. Once you’ve gathered enough, don’t hesitate to book it immediately away and take off once you’ve collected enough.