We can tout the benefits of budgeting all day long, and you still might be thinking, “A budget—on my income? Who are you kidding?” Whether money management has always been a challenge or the fallout from the coronavirus killed your budget, it’s important for your financial future to start oneContinue Reading

When you think of someone with a gambling problem, you probably envision someone blowing their entire paycheck on a blackjack table, or worse, their life’s savings. But playing the Canada lottery is also a form of gambling. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with buying a couple of scratch-offs as aContinue Reading

We simply can’t live without our smartphones. We use them to email, shop, get directions… so why not install a budgeting app? Since they’re always with us, they can be especially useful when it comes to keeping track of our expenses. Today, there are a variety of apps designed toContinue Reading

There’s always someone looking to make a quick buck, and last year, fraudsters made nearly $100 million of them off of unsuspecting Canadians through scams. Even worse? Many people don’t report when they’ve been scammed, often because they’re embarrassed that they were duped, so that number is likely significantly greater.Continue Reading