The system has actually successfully passed the fundraising stage – garnering a massive $652,640 from 2,087 backers – and it is now available for pre-order, say the makers. Pricing starts at $269. Based around the Raspberry Pi 4, it packages together a 11.6-inch display (1920×1080), camera functionality, keyboard, stereo speakersContinue Reading

The set-top box supports both the high-definition video codec AV1 and HDR10 video technology, highlights the company, for better picture quality and contrast. Based around a Broadcom MIPS 24K chip for fast data processing, it expands Humax’s portfolio of Android TV systems to B2B customers and includes support for “Wi-FiContinue Reading

Very similar types are available from several manufacturers. It is based on a pair of BTS7960 half-bridges from Infineon, with a cmos logic chip included to give them a clean drive from external circuits – like Arduinos. Current capacity is pretty good – >30A at several tens of volts asContinue Reading