COVID-19: Who We’re Testing, Types of Tests & More

Kaiser Permanente provides convenient, no cost COVID-19 diagnostic testing for our members. Testing is available at most Kaiser Permanente locations, and you can easily schedule your testing appointment online. Results are usually available within 48 hours, often quicker, depending on demand, and are automatically saved to your electronic medical record. That means your care team knows you have been tested and can reach out to you with necessary information depending on your test results. 

In addition to the easy and convenient testing available through Kaiser Permanente, you may choose to be tested at an external licensed, independent facility (for example, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, or other retail locations, or at a private lab). Many of these facilities bill Kaiser Permanente directly, so you may not have to pay anything out of pocket. But if you are charged, Kaiser Permanente will provide reimbursement for the cost of the test as long as it’s conducted by a licensed facility.

To submit a claim for reimbursement, visit Coverage and Costs and select “Submit a claim.” 

The following information is required for all claims:

  • Itemized bills (should include date of service, services received, and cost of each item)
  • Proof of payment (receipts or bank or credit card statements)

Remember that if you get tested outside of Kaiser Permanente, your results aren’t shared with your doctor’s office. Email a scanned copy of your test results to your Kaiser Permanente doctor’s office so we can update your medical record. The report should include your name and at least one other personal identifier, like your date of birth. 

  1. Go to and create a new message to your doctor’s office using the subject line, “COV19 outside lab report.”
  2. Click on the “Attach an image” link at the bottom of the message to add your scanned report. 

Please follow the instructions you get with your test result about isolation and physical distancing. If you need care guidance, call our 24/7 advice line.