COVID-19 Symptoms | States of Guernsey

If you have been advised to have a COVID test, you must self-isolate until you have received a negative test result and your symptoms have gone. If you do not need a COVID test, you must self-isolate until these symptoms are gone. You can then return to work or school, subject to any requirements your employer might have. It does not apply to those with diarrhoea and vomiting – in these cases a person must be symptom free for 48 hours before they return to work or school.

If, following advice from the Clinical Helpline, you have been referred for a COVID-19 test you will be contacted by the Scheduling Team. Where possible, tests for symptomatic patients (those showing symptoms of COVID-19) are scheduled within 24 hours of calling the helpline.

If you are unable to drive yourself to a testing facility, a member of your family may drive you there. You will need to sit in the back of the car, with a mask on if you have one available. You will also need to ensure that you sanitise the car after you have been for your test.

If you require any further information about the process of getting tested we have more details on our testing webpage here:


Do not attend work if you are unwell. If someone has, for example, a lingering cough, they should seek advice from a health practitioner before they return to work. 

This is good infection prevention control at any time, but is particularly important whilst the Bailiwick continues to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence proves that this advice could reduce the potential spread of respiratory illness by 60%.

Islanders need to understand that self-isolation means that you must stay at home. Just staying away from work/school/day-care is not sufficient to stop the spread. Popping to the shop, going to church, having people round for a cup of tea will undermine the effectiveness of self-isolation and will not prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses. More information on self-isolation is available


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