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Planning your ideal getaway doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Did you know Trivago offers an online magazine to help make your travel decisions that much easier?

Room5 is an exceptional resource for anyone looking to make educated, cost effective travel plans. Finding the lowest rate for your accommodations isn’t just a resourceful decision, it’s the right decision. The less money you’re spending on your place to stay, the more you’ll have to enjoy your time there!

That’s just smart travel advice.

Take a weekend off and explore beautiful Quebec, Canada!

Now, I know as parents we’ve all thought it, so I’m just going to come out and say it: Sometimes we need a weekend away with our spouse sans kiddos. Check this recent post on Trivago’s online magazine Room5 for 4 bucket-list style getaways you can take with your partner, to help keep the spark alive.

Never Have I Ever.. Weekend Experiences Out of Montreal

“Whether you’re looking for exciting nightlife, to become one with nature, or to test your physical limits with the love of your life, the formula is the same: Pair a fun, interesting activity with outstanding accommodations and you’ll have yourself an unforgettable, bond-strengthening weekend vacation and the lifelong memories to accompany it.”

Where was your last kid-free vacation?

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