Humax H7 Android TV set-top supports AV1 and HDR10

The set-top box supports both the high-definition video codec AV1 and HDR10 video technology, highlights the company, for better picture quality and contrast.

Based around a Broadcom MIPS 24K chip for fast data processing, it expands Humax’s portfolio of Android TV systems to B2B customers and includes support for “Wi-Fi 6” (IEEE 802.11ax, a draft Wi-Fi specification standard.

“With this innovative Android TV product and our Humax E2E solutions, Humax can quickly supply products that offer a variety of content and services to our customers, paving the way to lead the Android TV OS market,” said Jeff Kim, EVP of Worldwide Sales at Humax.

The South Korean company plans to launch the H7 in Europe and Asia before the end of the year.