CrowPi2 brings you the Raspberry Pi 4 in laptop form

CrowPi2 brings you the Raspberry Pi 4 in laptop form

The system has actually successfully passed the fundraising stage – garnering a massive $652,640 from 2,087 backers – and it is now available for pre-order, say the makers. Pricing starts at $269.

Based around the Raspberry Pi 4, it packages together a 11.6-inch display (1920×1080), camera functionality, keyboard, stereo speakers and more.

In terms of software, it comes installed with Scratch, Python, Minecraft, AI step-by-step and a number of open source games. “Immerse yourself in the endless possibilities of Raspberry Pi” is the slogan.

It’s going down the path trodden by Pi-top, but it remains a good idea, and this does seem a bit cheaper than the pi-top [3], which has been superseded by the computer module-style pi-top [4], for the Raspberry Pi 4 offering.

The company writes:

“Like CrowPi, CrowPi2 combines Raspberry Pi and a range of other affordable, educational computer components. Throughout the development of CrowPi2, our goal has remained the same: to create something that people can use to learn, to explore, and to have fun. We want CrowPi2 to be a device that people can rely on in any and all environments – something that is just as powerful and useful for using as a portable laptop, also for learning about STEM education.”

“Featuring 22 kinds of common sensors& modules, and independently developed software, CrowPi2 is exactly what you need to discover all the joys of Raspberry Pi. From CrowPi2, you can learn Python, Scratch, AI, Minecraft through programming in an easier way.”

There are two colours – silver and space grey – and further options for the keyboard and power-supply.

As mentioned in the quote, there is an earlier version of CrowPi, which now sells for $219.

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