Record IPTV With Free Application – Android Boxes & Fire TVs

This tutorial will teach you how to record IPTV on any Android-powered device.

This process works great on most Android TV Boxes, NVIDIA SHIELD, Mi Box, and 1st/2nd Generation Fire TV Boxes.

Replacing cable and satellite with an IPTV service is something that many people are doing, which saves lots of money.

One big feature that has been missing is the ability to record IPTV on streaming devices.

Although many of us no longer require recorded television due to all of the on-demand content available, there are still times when this is needed.

There are some broadcasts that are typically difficult to find through on-demand outlets such as sports, news shows, special events, and daily shows.

To follow this tutorial, you will need an Android device and IPTV subscription that allows you to use their URL for setup purposes.

Some IPTV providers don’t allow this and this tutorial won’t work with those.

Your Android device must be capable of storing large video files for this solution to work well.  Most streaming devices come with small internal drives but we can usually extend the storage by using USB drives or SD cards.

Unfortunately, the 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick and Fire TV 3 do not allow us to expand the storage like most other Android TV boxes do.

We can only hope that the new Fire TV Cube will allow us to expand storage with external drives like the 1st Generation and 2nd Generation Fire TV Boxes did.

In the following video tutorial, I am using the Mecool M8S Pro L Android TV Box along with TREX TV Services.

I am also expanding the storage on this device with a  SanDisk Ultra CZ48 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

If you would like to watch an IPTV channel at the same time as you are recording, you must ensure that you order at least 2 connections from your IPTV provider.

The reason for this is because one connection is used to record IPTV stream and the other is used to view the channel that you are watching.

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